What is Shaping Healthier Living?

Shaping Healthier Living is a pioneering partnership of seven organisations in health, social care and the voluntary and community sector. Together, we are changing how health and social care services work to support you to maximise your independence, health and well-being in your community.

Our aims:

Together, our partnership aims to:

  • Develop a new care model that is; person-centred, personalised, coordinated, empowering – created in partnership with carers,citizens and communities and supported by volunteering and social action.
  • Ensure that tour work can be used within other areas to provide benefits that are wider than Calderdale itself.
  • Transform how our health and social care system currently operates to focus on preventing ill health (physical and mental health), reduce premature death and dependency, improve peoples health, reduce health inequalities and improve the wellbeing of people in Calderdale
  • Develop ways of working to enable health, social care and voluntary and community sector services to be delivered in local communities and GP practices
  • Work in the core values of the New Care Models Programme; which are clinical engagement, patient involvement, local ownership with national support and delivers a high degree of replicability for other areas.
  • Maximise learning from other places like Calderdale and other countries; both about the way in which we can transform care, but also by developing new approaches to provision and how we buy and pay for services.

How are we working to change services?

In Calderdale, we are one of 50 areas in England which have been recognised by NHS England as an inspiration to others. Calderdale is working at the forefront of change using what we have heard from local people like you telling us what would make Calderdale a great place to live and grow old. This information gives us challenges and opportunities to make your local social care and health system one of the best in the world.

Our work

Based on what people in Calderdale have told us, fundamental
transformation in health and social care services in Calderdale is taking place
and this is being done in two related ways:

  • Making it easier to access care and support services when and where you need them
  • Helping you manage your own health and well-being in a way that suits you

Our work aims to make it easier to access the right services
in the right time that are staffed by the right people. Partners in this
transformation are working to achieve this by improving how people in Calderdale access social care and health services. This work is at the heart of how services are transforming and is based on what people like you have told us.

Family seeing a consultant